EL Wire Project Sampler

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EL Wire Project Sampler:

As Advanced Materials Month enters its final week, we’re gathering together some of the coolest projects from the dusty archives of MAKE. Next up, projects using electro-luminescent wire! Above, check out this bicycle with pedal-powered EL wire!

EL wire barbershop pole…

Neon Surfers Bring EL Into the Waves

How-To: Tron bag with EL wire (also, learn how to make it in Make Projects)

How-To: EL Wire Wings

“Nixie Tube” from EL Wire

Grown-Crystal and EL-Wire DNA Lamp

These EL Wire Glasses Would be Kanye-approved

Arduino-controlled EL wire coat

EL-wire “Jacob’s Ladder”

If this post has you hankering to create your own EL wire project, be sure to check out the EL Wire Starter Pack in the Maker Shed!

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