Mark Zuckerberg Will Determine Whether You Get Wasted Tonight, Kiddies

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Mark Zuckerberg. Grand overlord of everyone’s internet. He won’t be happy until he has a part to play in every single godforsaken aspect of your miserable lives.

At least, that’s probably what the kids are thinking across the pond. Apparently, bouncers at bars and clubs in England and Northern Ireland have begun asking that the boys and girls whose IDs are thought to be fake login to their Facebook accounts on their mobile phones, to prove that they can match their name to the face. No account = no alcohol.

Alright, so it isn’t exactly like Zuck sent out a memo, or anything. But still. Such power! Whatinfluence! Getting a decent drink when you’re a kid is tough. It used to be, if you’d managed to memorize your fake birthday and could recite your full fake address—not to mention the big money a good ID set you back—you practically earned a shot just for making the effort. But,nOOooOooOoo, now we have Facebook to give the final word.

All jokes aside: this is a big thumbs down and seemingly insupportable invasion of privacy. And it is a flawed plan because: you might simply not have a Facebook account, or you could easily set up a fake page for your fake-ID self. (Which, if you haven’t yet, and you need to, get to it!*) [DailyDot – Image via Ellis Hamburger]

*Not that we encourage, endorse or otherwise support underage drinking in any way whatsoever at all.

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